This section contains all the public deliverables of the project, from M1 until the end of the project.

Verification and Validation Approach (Year 3)

This document presents the validation and verification approach for Y3 of the ASCETiC project. During this year, the focus of the validation and verification process is broadening to address inter-layer self-adaptation, not only energy awareness and intra-layer self-adaptation as in previous years.

Inter-Layer Cloud Stack Adaptation

This document describes the scientific work and software packages in the third iteration of the ASCETiC Toolbox, explaining the individual scientific contributions per component and presenting how each layer in the architecture can be used and interacts with other layers.

Pricing Schemes for Energy Efficiency

This document proposes new pricing schemes that will charge cloud users based on their actual consumption and energy efficiency of cloud resources, as ASCETiC intends to create an energy-efficient and, at the same time, economically sustainable ecosystem. The presented approach proposes using pricing based on the energy usage of applications. Under such charging schemes, the applications will be aware of the economic impact of their decissions and so they will have the incentive to consider energy costs. Applications will themselves trade energy for performance according to their preferences.

Testbed Status Report (Year 3)

This document describes the slightly revised and improved Y3 testbed architecture regarding integration status of the ASCETiC Toolbox components. Moreover, it also lists all processed validation and verification outcomes.

It also introduces the new components and testbed parts which were deployed in order to provide the Y3 compliant inter-layer self-adaptation.

Dissemination, Collaboration and Standardization (Year 3)

This document summarizes all the dissemination, communication, collaboration and standardization activities performed during the third, and final, year of the project.

There were many ongoing activities started in Y1 and Y2 that have been continued during this year. More related communication activites have been started during this final period.

Y3 Summaries

ASCETiC main focus in Y3 is the extension of the capabilities of dynamic energy management by ensuring the Cloud layers can interact and co-operate to mitigate energy consumption, in other words inter-layer self-adaptation.

Such inter-layer self-adaptation ensures that the layers cooperate in order to achieve greater energy reductions than a per-layer approach can achieve on its own. Key aspects include communication and (re)negotiation between the layers so that optimisations can meet each stakeholder's requirements.