Barcelona Supercomputing Center

BSC–CNS is the Spanish National Supercomputing Center. The mission of BSC is to research, develop, and manage information technologies in order to facilitate scientific progress. BSC strives not only to become a first-class research centre in supercomputing, but also in scientific fields that demand high performance computing resources such as the Life and Earth Sciences.
Previous expertise of BSC in programming models is related to the STAR superscalar programming models family, which includes several well-known programming models for different parallel architectures: COMPSs (for Grids, Clouds and clusters), CellSs (for the Cell BE engine), and SMPSs (for multiprocessor machines). The main idea is to hide the underlying parallel/distributed architecture, by providing a very simple sequential programming model, and a runtime able to extract the inherent parallelism in the applications. Using this expertise as a basis, we will create novel techniques to express and deal with eco-efficiency at the programming model level, such as taking into account energy when selecting an elasticity strategy for an application.